Program 2023
Dear Colleagues

The Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology that was founded in 1997 has the tradition of organizing the BOA meeting since 2006.

Before the first BOA meeting LSMO used to organize ASCO highlights each and every year as part of its CME program.

Since 2006 BOA that is being licensed by ASCO in a very limited number of countries started to be considered as the most prestigious oncology meeting being held in all the region.

Despite all the unrest in Lebanon especially in the years 2006 and 2007 LSMO was determined to organize the meeting at all costs and in 2007 we even had to move BOA to Cairo.

Since 2008 more than 400 attendees are expected to taste with us the flavor of the best presentations discussed at ASCO.

The majority of the audience come from several Arab countries and we are very proud to have our Arab friends colleagues in Lebanon.

In 2009 LSMO created a special team assigned for BOA organization and it was a very wise step forward and since that time BOA started to have a new flavor being more organized and more professional

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